Mr. Syed Jafar Coordinator

Qualified civil Engineer from India, moved to Australia in 1996. Studied business management and Information technology at post graduate level from local university. He is serving IT industry for last 20 years as an IT consultant. Worked with Major Financial Institutions, large multinational Engineering organizations in Australia. Assisting as volunteer to new graduates in finding right job, training and apprenticeship since last 17 years .Trainer and Coach for under 9’s kids at Prestons Hornets cricket club. Helping kids to develop cricketing & skills and ensure kids having good fun during the games.

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Mr. Iqtedar Abdi

An IT professional and owner of Alinfo Solutions, Iqtedar has an Honours in Computer Sciences and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Flinders and Adelaide Universities. After research institutes and Corporate ITC work in India, he returned to Sydney, Australia. While at UNISYS, he obtained a Masters in Engineering Management from UTS. His creativity includes Writing, Producing and Directing Video, Theatre & Radio plays and Project Managing Audio & Stage. He has broadcast on All India Radio, Adelaide 5UV and Sydney stations SBS, Monica Geet Mala and Indian Link FM. He runs his own Mobile App internet radio 'Suniye Tau'.

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Mr. Arif Saleem

After completing my B.Tech from AMU - India, I came to Australia to pursue Master's degree in IT from Western Sydney University in 2000. I have since worked in the field of IT for various companies around the globe especially in the financial institutions. My last job was to lead the IT department of one of the world's largest investment company based in Dubai and UK. Since 2015 I have been working on building my own startups. My current time is mainly spent in managing my online fashion store that sells women's clothing in Australia and USA. Other than that I spend my time in providing IT consulting to companies in Australia. I have also helped many startups in building their IT infrastructure and launching their products and ideas. In my free time I like to read books and watch viedeos on current scientific developments and Urdu poetry.

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